Sunday, 9 October 2011

Picture post - wet season cattle camp

A few weeks before leaving Rumbek I went with a friend to visit some of his family and cattle just outside Cueibet.

We walked from the village, its normally about half an hour. But it had rained the night before and the path was completely underwater so it took us just over an hour (also may have had something to do with my pace being slighting on the slower than average).

Still it wasn't a long walk, other than vegetation, the only thing we passed on the way were some old homesteads - places where people had lived during the war when it was unsafe to be in Cuiebet and near the road. There are just wooden supports of vanished tukuls remaining now. People have moved back, or on somewhere else

People and cattle had arrived at the cattle camp only a few days before, so everything was still really green and lush. It was beautiful

I'm now in Wau, about to move on to Kuajok. But first I wanted to take advantage of a good internet connection and power to put a few photos.

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