Friday, 16 March 2012

The unbearable dryness of being

Recently I have had the feeling that everything I own here is rapidly being destroyed due to a combination of the elements and my ignorance about how to deal with them.

It is the dry season, the land is parched and there is a lot of dust being blown about by the wind.

Casualties so far;  my jeans were eaten by a goat in the village, my brogues and my trainers have holes in the side from riding my motorbike (who knew brogues were not sensible shoes for riding a motorbike?), one skirt severely ripped from very small fall from afore mentioned motorbike, phone batteries all run down and only Chinese counterfeits available in the market, USB port on solar charger mysteriously stopped working (assumed dust damage), dust in everything.

Today, I also discovered a serious termite problem in my hut. They have been physically removed as much as possible and Doom sprayed into the holes in the wall but I’m not convinced this is a long term solution.

Going to buy a large plastic tub to put my things in to prevent further dust damage.

Today is very dusty in Kuajok

I’ve been doing some interviews near the river, which is dry too…will try and post some photos soon

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